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Thelred - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Thelred
T-H-E-L-R-E-D, is a 7-letter female given name.
Meaning of Thelred
Noble counsel.
Origin of Thelred
The name 'Thelred' has Anglo-Saxon origins. It is derived from the Old English elements 'þeod' meaning 'people' and 'ræd' meaning 'counsel'. Therefore, the name can be interpreted to mean 'counsel of the people' or 'wise advisor'.
English Names
Popularity of Thelred
The name 'Thelred' is not widely popular in modern times. It was more commonly used during the Anglo-Saxon period in England. However, it is important to note that name popularity can vary over time and across different regions.
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Etymology of Thelred

The etymology of 'Thelred' can be understood by analyzing its Old English components. 'þeod' refers to 'people' or 'nation', while 'ræd' means 'counsel' or 'advice'. This suggests that the name 'Thelred' was given to individuals who were seen as wise advisors or respected leaders within their communities.

Cultural Significance of Thelred

In Anglo-Saxon culture, the name 'Thelred' would have held significance as it reflected the qualities of wisdom and leadership. The name may have been given to individuals who were respected for their counsel and guidance in matters concerning the community or the nation.