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Theia - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Theia
T-H-E-I-A, is a 5-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Theia
Meaning of Theia
Divine one.
Origin of Theia
The name 'Theia' originates from Greek mythology, where she was a Titaness and the mother of the sun, moon, and dawn. 'Theia' was known for her beauty and radiance, which is reflected in the meaning of her name, 'divine' or 'goddess'. Her name holds a sense of power and mystique, making it an intriguing choice for parents looking to bestow their child with a name that embodies strength and grace.
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Popularity of Theia
The name 'Theia' has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. While it may not be as widely used as some other names, it has seen notable spikes in usage, especially among parents who appreciate its mythological roots and its unique sound. 'Theia 's popularity is also influenced by the trend of choosing names with a celestial or nature-inspired theme, as it evokes images of the heavens and the celestial bodies.
Theia currently has 17 likes, and is in the top 10% of liked girl's names. The name Ariane is slightly more popular than Theia.

Etymology of Theia

The name 'Theia' has its linguistic roots in ancient Greek. In Greek mythology, 'Theia' was one of the Titans, the divine beings who predated the Olympian gods. 'Theia 's name is derived from the Greek word 'theios', which means 'divine' or 'godly'. This etymology further reinforces the idea of 'Theia' as a powerful and celestial figure, adding depth and richness to the name 's meaning.

Cultural Significance of Theia

The name 'Theia' holds particular significance in Greek culture, where it is associated with the Titaness who gave birth to the sun, moon, and dawn. In Greek mythology, 'Theia' represents the divine forces of light and illumination. Her name is a reminder of the power of the celestial bodies and their influence on the world. 'Theia 's cultural significance extends beyond Greece, as her story and name have become known worldwide through the study of mythology and literature.