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Sully - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Sully
S-U-L-L-Y, is a 5-letter female given name.
Meaning of Sully
From the south field.
Origin of Sully
The name 'Sully' is of English origin. It is derived from the Old English word 'sulh', which means 'a muddy place' or 'a marshy area'. The name 'Sully' originally referred to someone who lived near or worked in such a location.
English Names
Surname Names
Popularity of Sully
The name 'Sully' is not as widely popular as some other names, but it has gained some popularity in recent years. It is often chosen as a nickname or a given name for both boys and girls. While not among the top names in popularity rankings, 'Sully' holds a unique charm and appeal for many parents.
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Etymology of Sully

The etymology of 'Sully' can be traced back to the Old English word 'sulh', which means 'a muddy place' or 'a marshy area'. Over time, the name evolved and became associated with individuals who resided near such geographical features. The name 'Sully' reflects the connection to the natural environment and the characteristics of the land.

Cultural Significance of Sully

'Sully' does not hold significant cultural or historical significance in any particular culture. However, the name 's association with nature and the land may resonate with individuals who have a deep appreciation for the environment or those who identify with rural or natural settings.