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Kahikina - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Kahikina
K-A-H-I-K-I-N-A, is a 8-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Kahikina
KA hee KEE na
Meaning of Kahikina
The east, the coming, arrival.
Origin of Kahikina
The name 'Kahikina' originates from the Hawaiian language. It is a traditional Hawaiian name that has been passed down through generations. In Hawaiian culture, names often have deep meanings and connections to nature, spirituality, or family history.
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Popularity of Kahikina
While the name 'Kahikina' may not be as widely popular as some other names, it holds significance within the Hawaiian community. It is often chosen by families who wish to honor their Hawaiian heritage or connect their child to their cultural roots. The popularity of the name 'Kahikina' may vary depending on the region and the individual 's cultural background.
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Etymology of Kahikina

The etymology of 'Kahikina' can be explored by breaking down the name into its individual components. 'Kahi' means 'the place' or 'the point' in Hawaiian, while 'kina' refers to 'the sun'. Therefore, 'Kahikina' can be interpreted as 'the place of the sun' or 'the point where the sun rises'. This etymology reflects the connection to nature and the importance of the sun in Hawaiian culture.

Cultural Significance of Kahikina

'Kahikina' holds cultural significance within the Hawaiian community. In Hawaiian mythology, the sun is often associated with warmth, light, and life-giving energy. The name 'Kahikina' may symbolize new beginnings, hope, and the start of a bright future. It can also represent the importance of being connected to one 's cultural heritage and the land.