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Jolina - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Jolina
J-O-L-I-N-A, is a 6-letter female given name.
Meaning of Jolina
God will add.
Origin of Jolina
The name 'Jolina' has roots in multiple cultures, making it a truly multicultural name. In German, 'Jolina' is derived from the name Jolene, which is a variation of the name Josephine. Josephine, in turn, is the feminine form of Joseph, a Hebrew name meaning 'God will add' or 'God increases'. In Hungarian, 'Jolina' is believed to be a diminutive form of Jolán, a name derived from Yolanda, which means 'violet flower' in Greek. In Slavic languages, 'Jolina' is associated with the name Jelena, meaning 'bright' or 'shining. '
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Hebrew Names
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Popularity of Jolina
The popularity of the name 'Jolina' has varied over time. While it has never been among the most popular names, it has experienced modest spikes in usage. In the late 20th century, 'Jolina' gained some popularity in Germany and Hungary, possibly influenced by the rise of similar-sounding names like Jolene and Yolanda. However, its popularity has remained relatively stable in recent years.
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Etymology of Jolina

The etymology of the name 'Jolina' can be traced back to different languages. In German, the name is a combination of the names Josephine and Jolene, both of which have Hebrew origins. The Hebrew name Joseph means 'God will add' or 'God increases', while the name Jolene is believed to be a combination of the names Joe and Eileen. In Hungarian, 'Jolina' is derived from Jolán, which is a variation of Yolanda, a Greek name meaning 'violet flower'. In Slavic languages, 'Jolina' is associated with Jelena, which means 'bright' or 'shining. '

Cultural Significance of Jolina

The name 'Jolina' does not have any specific cultural significance. However, it is worth noting that names with similar sounds or meanings are often considered beautiful and feminine in various cultures. In German and Hungarian cultures, for example, names associated with flowers or nature are highly regarded. Therefore, 'Jolina 's association with the Greek word for 'violet flower' adds to its charm and cultural appeal.