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Hulda - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Hulda
H-U-L-D-A, is a 5-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Hulda
HUL dah
Meaning of Hulda
Enduring or loving, weasel, endearing or loving, mole, woman with a tail.
Origin of Hulda
The name 'Hulda' has its origins in Old Norse and Germanic languages. It is derived from the Old Norse word 'hulda', which means 'hidden' or 'secret'. In Germanic mythology, 'Hulda' is also associated with a supernatural being known as a 'huldre', who is believed to be a guardian of the forest and the mountains.

The earliest known use of the name 'Hulda' can be traced back to ancient Germanic tribes. It was a popular name among the Vikings and other Germanic peoples. 'Hulda' was often given to girls who were believed to possess a mysterious and enchanting beauty.
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Popularity of Hulda
Throughout history, the popularity of the name 'Hulda' has had its ups and downs. In the early Middle Ages, it was a common name among Germanic communities. However, its popularity declined in the following centuries.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the name 'Hulda'. Many parents are drawn to its uniqueness and the sense of mystery it carries. While it may not be as popular as some other names, 'Hulda' is gaining recognition and appreciation among those who appreciate its rich history and meaning.
Hulda currently has 1 like, and is in the top 21% of liked girl's names. The name Abeke is slightly more popular than Hulda.

Etymology of Hulda

The etymology of the name 'Hulda' can be traced back to the Old Norse word 'hulda', which means 'hidden' or 'secret'. This reflects the belief that those named 'Hulda' possess a certain air of mystery and allure. The name is also associated with the supernatural being known as a 'huldre', who is said to be hidden from human sight.

Cultural Significance of Hulda

The name 'Hulda' holds cultural significance in various contexts. In Germanic mythology, 'Hulda' is associated with fertility and the protection of nature. She is often depicted as a beautiful woman with long hair and a flowing gown, symbolizing her connection to the natural world.

In Scandinavian folklore, 'Hulda' is also associated with the changing seasons. It is believed that she has the power to bring about the arrival of spring and the blossoming of flowers. She is seen as a symbol of renewal and rebirth.