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Hidalgo - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Hidalgo
H-I-D-A-L-G-O, is a 7-letter female given name.
Meaning of Hidalgo
Noble one.
Origin of Hidalgo
The name 'Hidalgo' originates from the Spanish language and culture. In Spanish, the term 'hidalgo' refers to a member of the lower nobility or gentry. Historically, hidalgos were considered to be of noble birth, but ranked below the higher ranks of nobility. The term 'hidalgo' can be traced back to medieval Spain and has deep roots in Spanish history and society.
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Popularity of Hidalgo
The name 'Hidalgo' is not a widely popular given name for girls. It is more commonly used as a surname, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries. As a given name, 'Hidalgo' is relatively uncommon and may be chosen by parents who wish to honor their Spanish heritage or embrace the cultural significance associated with the term.
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Etymology of Hidalgo

The etymology of 'Hidalgo' can be traced back to the Old Spanish word 'fidalgo', which meant 'son of someone who is noble'. Over time, the term evolved into 'hidalgo', which specifically referred to a person of lower nobility. The word itself is derived from the Latin 'filius' meaning 'son' and 'nobilis' meaning 'noble'. Therefore, 'Hidalgo' can be interpreted as 'son or daughter of a noble'.

Cultural Significance of Hidalgo

In Spanish culture, the term 'hidalgo' has significant cultural and historical connotations. Historically, hidalgos were considered to be of noble birth, but were not part of the highest ranks of nobility. They often held positions of influence and authority within their communities, and their status was associated with privileges and responsibilities. The term 'hidalgo' embodies the ideals of honor, chivalry, and social standing within Spanish society.