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Ellene - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Ellene
E-L-L-E-N-E, is a 6-letter female given name.
Meaning of Ellene
Origin of Ellene
The name 'Ellene' has its roots in ancient Greece. It is derived from the Greek name Helenē, which means 'torch' or 'bright shining light'. In Greek mythology, Helenē was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and her beauty was said to have sparked the Trojan War. The name 'Ellene' has a rich history and has been passed down through generations, carrying with it the legacy of strength and beauty.
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English Names
Popularity of Ellene
The popularity of the name 'Ellene' has fluctuated over time. In the early 20th century, it was a relatively uncommon name, but it gained popularity in the mid-20th century. However, in recent years, its usage has declined. Despite this, 'Ellene' remains a classic name that exudes elegance and grace.
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Etymology of Ellene

The etymology of the name 'Ellene' can be traced back to the ancient Greek word 'helios', meaning 'sun'. This association with the sun further emphasizes the brightness and radiance that the name conveys. It is a name that brings warmth and light to those who bear it.

Cultural Significance of Ellene

In Greek culture, the name 'Ellene' holds great significance. The ancient Greeks revered Helenē as a symbol of beauty and power. Her story has been immortalized in literature, art, and theater, making her a cultural icon. By naming their child 'Ellene', parents pay homage to this rich cultural heritage and embrace the timeless beauty and strength associated with the name.