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Eliz - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Eliz
E-L-I-Z, is a 4-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Eliz
Origin of Eliz
The name 'Eliz' has its roots in various cultures and languages. It is believed to have originated from the Hebrew name Elisheva, which means 'God is my oath'. Elisheva is a combination of two Hebrew words, 'El', meaning God, and 'shava', meaning oath. Over time, Elisheva evolved into different variations, including 'Eliz 'abeth in English and 'Eliz' in certain regions.
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Popularity of Eliz
The popularity of the name 'Eliz' has fluctuated over time. In the past century, it experienced a notable spike in usage during the mid-1900s. However, it has become less common in recent years. Despite its decline in popularity, 'Eliz' continues to be cherished by those seeking a unique and meaningful name for their child.
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Etymology of Eliz

As mentioned earlier, 'Eliz' is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva. The Hebrew language holds immense significance in religious and cultural contexts. It is a Semitic language that has influenced various other languages, including English. The etymology of 'Eliz' reflects the deep connection between language, culture, and history.

Cultural Significance of Eliz

The name 'Eliz' carries cultural significance in different regions and communities. In Hebrew culture, Elisheva is mentioned in the Bible as the wife of Aaron, the brother of Moses. She was a prominent figure known for her righteousness and loyalty to God. The name 'Eliz', therefore, holds a connection to this biblical character and represents qualities such as faith and devotion.