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Bodil - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Bodil
B-O-D-I-L, is a 5-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Bodil
BOO dill) (BOO deel
Meaning of Bodil
Compensation for war, battle will cure, cure or remedy for battle, best in battle, penance.
Origin of Bodil
The name 'Bodil' originates from the Scandinavian countries, particularly Denmark and Sweden. It is a feminine given name that has been in use for many centuries.
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Popularity of Bodil
While 'Bodil' may not be as widely popular as some other names, it has a long history and holds significance within Scandinavian culture. Its popularity has varied over time, with peaks and declines reflecting cultural trends and naming preferences.
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Etymology of Bodil

The etymology of 'Bodil' can be traced back to Old Norse, an ancient North Germanic language. The name is derived from the elements 'bóð' meaning 'command' or 'order', and 'hildr' meaning 'battle' or 'warrior'. Therefore, 'Bodil' can be interpreted as 'commanding warrior' or 'battle commander'.

Cultural Significance of Bodil

'Bodil' has cultural significance in Denmark and Sweden, where it is often associated with strength, leadership, and resilience. The name embodies qualities of bravery and determination, reflecting the historical importance of warriors and leaders in Scandinavian society.