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Angelene - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Angelene
A-N-G-E-L-E-N-E, is a 8-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Angelene
an jeh LEEN
Origin of Angelene
The name 'Angelene' has its origins in the Greek language. It is derived from the word 'angelos', which means 'messenger' or 'angel'. The earliest known use of the name 'Angelene' dates back to ancient Greece, where it was used to refer to individuals who were believed to be messengers from the gods.
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Popularity of Angelene
Over time, the popularity of the name 'Angelene' has seen fluctuations. In the early 20th century, the name was relatively uncommon. However, in the mid-20th century, there was a notable spike in its usage. This can be attributed to the influence of popular culture, as well as the desire for unique and meaningful names.
Angelene currently has 1 like, and is in the top 21% of liked girl's names. The name Abeke is slightly more popular than Angelene.

Etymology of Angelene

As mentioned earlier, the name 'Angelene' is derived from the Greek word 'angelos'. In Greek mythology, angels were considered to be divine messengers who bridged the gap between the mortal and the divine. They were often depicted as beautiful and ethereal beings, symbolizing purity and goodness.

Cultural Significance of Angelene

The name 'Angelene' holds cultural significance in various contexts. In Christian traditions, angels are seen as heavenly beings who protect and guide individuals. The name 'Angelene', with its connection to angels, can therefore be seen as a reflection of faith and spirituality.

In addition, the name 'Angelene' is also associated with love and compassion. It is often given to individuals who are believed to possess these qualities or to parents who wish to bestow these virtues upon their child.