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Amarissa - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Amarissa
A-M-A-R-I-S-S-A, is a 8-letter female given name.
Meaning of Amarissa
Given by god.
Origin of Amarissa
The name 'Amarissa' is believed to have originated from the English language. It is a combination of two names, 'Ama' and 'Rissa'. 'Ama' is derived from the Latin word 'amare', which means 'to love', while 'Rissa' is a variant of the name Marissa, which is of Latin origin and means 'of the sea'. Therefore, the name 'Amarissa' can be interpreted as 'one who loves the sea' or 'loving the sea. '
Hebrew Names
Spanish Names
Popularity of Amarissa
The name 'Amarissa' has seen a steady increase in popularity over the past few decades. While it is not as common as some other names, it has gained recognition and appeal among parents seeking a unique and meaningful name for their daughters. According to the Social Security Administration 's data, the name 'Amarissa' first appeared in the United States in the late 20th century and has been gradually rising in popularity since then.
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Etymology of Amarissa

As mentioned earlier, the name 'Amarissa' is derived from the Latin word 'amare' and the name Marissa. The Latin word 'amare' means 'to love', which adds a sense of affection and warmth to the name. The connection to the sea through the name Marissa adds a touch of mystery and tranquility. Together, these elements create a name that is both meaningful and enchanting.

Cultural Significance of Amarissa

While the name 'Amarissa' does not have any specific cultural or religious significance, it has a universal appeal that transcends boundaries. The idea of love and the connection to the sea are themes that resonate with people from various cultures and backgrounds. The name 'Amarissa' can be seen as a symbol of love, beauty, and the vastness of the ocean.