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Amari - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Amari
A-M-A-R-I, is a 5-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Amari
ah MAHR ee
Meaning of Amari
Origin of Amari
The name 'Amari' has multiple origins and can be found in various cultures around the world. One possible origin is from the African Yoruba language, where 'Amari' means 'strength' or 'power'. In Arabic, 'Amari' is a variant of the name 'Amir' and means 'prince' or 'ruler'. Additionally, 'Amari' is also used as a feminine name in Sanskrit, where it means 'eternal' or 'immortal. '
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Popularity of Amari
The name 'Amari' has gained popularity in recent years. It has been steadily rising in popularity in the United States, particularly since the early 2000s. 'Amari' has become a fashionable choice for parents seeking a unique and modern name for their daughters. While not among the most popular names, 'Amari' has been consistently used and has a growing presence in baby name charts.
Amari currently has 217 likes, and is in the top 4% of liked girl's names. The name Amalia is slightly more popular than Amari.

Etymology of Amari

The etymology of 'Amari' varies depending on its cultural origin. In Yoruba, the name is derived from the word 'amara', which means 'strength' or 'power'. In Arabic, 'Amari' is a variant of 'Amir' and shares the meaning of 'prince' or 'ruler'. In Sanskrit, the name is derived from the word 'amara', which translates to 'eternal' or 'immortal'. These diverse etymologies contribute to the versatility and depth of the name 'Amari. '

Cultural Significance of Amari

The name 'Amari' holds cultural significance in the Yoruba, Arabic, and Sanskrit communities. In Yoruba culture, strength and power are highly valued qualities, and the name 'Amari' embodies these attributes. In Arabic culture, the name 'Amari' reflects nobility and leadership, as it is associated with the title of a prince or ruler. In Sanskrit culture, 'Amari' symbolizes eternity and immortality, representing the timeless nature of life and existence.