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Alli - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Alli
A-L-L-I, is a 4-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Alli
AL ee
Meaning of Alli
High, lofty, sublime, noble sort.
Origin of Alli
The name 'Alli' is a feminine given name that has multiple origins. It can be derived from the English name Alice, which is a variant of the Old French name Aalis. Another possible origin is from the Scottish name Alison, which is a diminutive of the name Alice. Additionally, 'Alli' can also be a nickname or short form of the names Alexandra or Allison.
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Popularity of Alli
The popularity of the name 'Alli' has varied over time and in different regions. It has not consistently ranked among the top names in any particular country. However, it has been moderately popular in the United States, where it has appeared on the Social Security Administration 's list of top 1000 names in certain years.
Alli currently has 1 like, and is in the top 20% of liked girl's names. The name Chinue is slightly more popular than Alli.

Etymology of Alli

The etymology of 'Alli' depends on its specific origin. If derived from Alice, it comes from the Old French name Aalis, which is a form of the Germanic name Adalheidis. Adalheidis is composed of the elements 'adal', meaning 'noble', and 'heid', meaning 'kind' or 'type'. If derived from Alison, it is a diminutive form of the name Alice, which has uncertain origins but may have roots in the Germanic name Adalhaidis.

Cultural Significance of Alli

The cultural significance of the name 'Alli' varies depending on the cultural context in which it is used. As a variant of Alice or Alison, it may carry the historical and literary associations associated with those names. Alice, for example, is the name of a well-known character in Lewis Carroll 's 'Alice 's Adventures in Wonderland'. Additionally, 'Alli' may hold personal significance for individuals who bear the name due to family or cultural connections.