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Aglaea - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Aglaea
A-G-L-A-E-A, is a 6-letter female given name.
Pronunciation of Aglaea
ah GLAY ah
Meaning of Aglaea
Splendor, beautiful.
Origin of Aglaea
'Aglaea', pronounced ah-GLAY-ah, finds its roots in ancient Greece. Derived from the Greek word 'aglaia', meaning 'splendor' or 'brilliance', this name has a celestial quality to it. In Greek mythology, 'Aglaea' was one of the three Charites, or Graces, who embodied beauty, charm, and grace. She was the personification of radiance and was often depicted in art as a young woman adorned with flowers.
Greek Names
Mythological Names
Popularity of Aglaea
While 'Aglaea' may not be a commonly used name today, it has a rich historical presence. In ancient Greece, the name was bestowed upon girls as a way to honor the qualities of beauty and charm. Over time, the popularity of the name waned, and it became less common in usage. In recent years, however, there has been a renewed interest in unique and ancient names, leading to a slight resurgence in the use of 'Aglaea'.
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Etymology of Aglaea

As with many ancient names, 'Aglaea 's etymology can be traced back to the language from which it originated. In this case, the name finds its roots in the Greek language. The word 'aglaia' is derived from the Greek word 'aglaos', meaning 'bright' or 'splendid'. This linguistic connection reflects the inherent radiance and brilliance associated with the name 'Aglaea'.

Cultural Significance of Aglaea

'Aglaea' holds particular significance in Greek mythology. As one of the Charites, she played a vital role in the ancient Greek pantheon. The Charites were believed to bestow charm, beauty, and grace upon mortals and gods alike. 'Aglaea 's presence in Greek culture symbolized the importance of these qualities and their impact on human interactions and relationships.