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Adriel - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Adriel
A-D-R-I-E-L, is a 6-letter female given name.
Meaning of Adriel
Congregation of god.
Origin of Adriel
The name 'Adriel' has multiple origins and can be found in different cultures around the world. One origin of the name can be traced back to ancient Hebrew. In Hebrew, 'Adriel' means 'flock of God' or 'God 's congregation'. In biblical times, it was a given name for both males and females.
Hebrew Names
Popularity of Adriel
The popularity of the name 'Adriel' has varied throughout history and across different regions. In recent years, it has gained some popularity as a girl 's name. However, it is not considered to be one of the most popular names in many countries.
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Etymology of Adriel

As mentioned earlier, the etymology of 'Adriel' comes from the Hebrew language. The name is derived from two Hebrew words: 'ad', meaning 'flock' or 'congregation', and 'el', which refers to God. Therefore, 'Adriel' can be translated as 'flock of God' or 'God 's congregation. '

Cultural Significance of Adriel

The name 'Adriel' holds cultural significance primarily within the Hebrew and biblical context. In the Bible, 'Adriel' is mentioned as the name of a man who married one of King Saul 's daughters, Merab. The name is associated with loyalty, faithfulness, and devotion to God.