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Rutledge - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Rutledge
R-U-T-L-E-D-G-E, is a 8-letter male given name.
Meaning of Rutledge
From the red pool, red ledge.
Origin of Rutledge
The name 'Rutledge' has its roots in the English language, tracing back to the medieval period. Its earliest known use can be found in the 12th century, where it was predominantly used as a surname. Over time, it transitioned into a given name, carrying with it a sense of history and tradition.
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Popularity of Rutledge
When examining the popularity of the name 'Rutledge' over time, we observe a steady and consistent usage. While it may not have experienced notable spikes in popularity, it has maintained a modest presence throughout the years. This can be attributed to its association with familial heritage and a desire to honor ancestral connections.
Rutledge currently has 1 like, and is in the top 14% of liked boy's names. The name Adom is slightly more popular than Rutledge.

Etymology of Rutledge

Delving into the linguistic roots of the name 'Rutledge', we find that it is a combination of two elements 'rut' and 'ledge'. The word 'rut' refers to a track or path, often associated with the movement of animals. 'Ledge' signifies a narrow shelf or ridge. Together, they create a visual image of a path or track on a ledge, evoking a sense of journey and exploration.

Cultural Significance of Rutledge

While the name 'Rutledge' does not possess any specific cultural significance, it resonates with individuals who value their heritage and ancestral ties. It serves as a reminder of the importance of family and the connections that bind us across generations. In this way, the name carries a sense of pride and belonging.