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Rashad - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Rashad
R-A-S-H-A-D, is a 6-letter male given name.
Pronunciation of Rashad
Meaning of Rashad
Good judgment, rightly guided, righteous or blameless, wisdom, right guidence.
Origin of Rashad
The name 'Rashad' originates from the Arabic language and has been in use for centuries. It is derived from the Arabic words 'rashid', meaning 'rightly guided', and 'hud', meaning 'guidance'. The name 'Rashad' can be seen as a reflection of the Islamic faith, which places great importance on being guided on the right path.
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Popularity of Rashad
The popularity of the name 'Rashad' has varied over time. In the Arabic-speaking world, it has been a popular choice for parents who desire their child to embody the values of being rightly guided. In recent years, the name 'Rashad' has gained recognition in Western countries as well, reflecting the growing cultural diversity and appreciation for Arabic names.
Rashad currently has 52 likes, and is in the top 6% of liked boy's names. The name Bart is slightly more popular than Rashad.

Etymology of Rashad

The etymology of the name 'Rashad' can be traced back to the Arabic language. The word 'rashid' is derived from the root 'r-sh-d', which signifies guidance, wisdom, and righteousness. This root is found in various other Arabic names, such as Rashid and Rashida, all of which share the common theme of being on the right path.

Cultural Significance of Rashad

The name 'Rashad' holds cultural significance within the Islamic community. It is often given to children with the hope that they will grow up to be morally upright, guided by the principles of their faith. The name 'Rashad' is a reminder of the importance of living a righteous life and seeking guidance from a higher power.