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Prasanta - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Prasanta
P-R-A-S-A-N-T-A, is a 8-letter male given name.
Pronunciation of Prasanta
pra shahn tuh
Origin of Prasanta
The name 'Prasanta' originates from the Sanskrit language, which is an ancient Indo-Aryan language primarily used in India. In Sanskrit, names often have deep meanings and are chosen based on their significance. 'Prasanta' is derived from the Sanskrit word प्रशान्त (prasanta), which means 'calm', 'peaceful', or 'tranquil'.
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Popularity of Prasanta
The popularity of the name 'Prasanta' has varied over time. In India, where Sanskrit names are commonly used, 'Prasanta' has been a moderately popular choice for boys. However, it is not among the most frequently used names in the country.
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Etymology of Prasanta

The name 'Prasanta' can be further broken down to understand its etymology. The Sanskrit word 'prasanta' is formed by combining two elements: 'pra', which means 'very' or 'exceedingly', and 'shanta', which means 'calm' or 'tranquil'. When combined, the name 'Prasanta' can be interpreted as 'very calm' or 'exceedingly peaceful'.

Cultural Significance of Prasanta

In Indian culture, names carry deep cultural and religious significance. The name 'Prasanta' is often associated with qualities such as tranquility, serenity, and inner peace. It reflects the desire of parents to bestow upon their child a name that embodies these virtues and promotes a sense of calmness and peacefulness.