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Nagisa - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Nagisa
N-A-G-I-S-A, is a 6-letter male given name.
Meaning of Nagisa
A calm beach.
Origin of Nagisa
The name 'Nagisa' finds its roots in the Japanese language. It is a unisex name commonly given to both boys and girls. The name is composed of two kanji characters: 'nagi' (渚), meaning 'beach' or 'shore', and 'sa' (沙), meaning 'sand'. When combined, the name 'Nagisa' can be interpreted as 'beach sand' or 'shoreline'.
Japanese Names
Popularity of Nagisa
The name 'Nagisa' has been steadily growing in popularity in Japan over the years. While it is not among the most popular names, it has gained recognition and is considered a unique choice by many parents. It is often chosen for its serene and natural connotations, evoking images of peaceful coastal landscapes.
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Etymology of Nagisa

The etymology of the name 'Nagisa' is closely tied to its kanji characters. The first character, 'nagi' (渚), represents the idea of a beach or shoreline. It signifies a place where land meets water and is often associated with tranquility and natural beauty.

The second character, 'sa' (沙), signifies sand. It represents the tiny particles that make up the shore and is symbolic of the connection between land and sea.

Cultural Significance of Nagisa

In Japanese culture, the beach holds a special place as a source of relaxation, inspiration, and natural beauty. The name 'Nagisa' reflects this cultural significance, as it is associated with the peaceful and calming qualities of the coastline. It is often seen as a name that embodies a sense of serenity and harmony with nature.