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Maleko - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Maleko
M-A-L-E-K-O, is a 6-letter male given name.
Pronunciation of Maleko
Meaning of Maleko
Manly, pledged to mars, warrior.
Origin of Maleko
The name 'Maleko' has its origins in Hawaii, where it is derived from the Hawaiian language. In Hawaiian, 'Maleko' means 'defender' or 'protector'. The earliest known use of the name 'Maleko' dates back to ancient Hawaiian culture, where it was often given to boys as a symbol of strength and courage.
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Popularity of Maleko
While 'Maleko' may not be as widely used as some other names, it has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. In the early 2000s, 'Maleko' experienced a notable spike in usage, particularly in Hawaii and other Pacific Island communities. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the growing interest in Hawaiian culture and the desire for unique and meaningful names.
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Etymology of Maleko

The etymology of 'Maleko' can be traced back to the Hawaiian language. The name is a variant of the English name 'Mark', which itself has roots in Latin. In Latin, 'Marcus' means 'dedicated to Mars', the Roman god of war. 'Maleko' shares this connection to strength and protection, making it a fitting choice for parents who value these qualities.

Cultural Significance of Maleko

In Hawaiian culture, names hold deep cultural significance. They are often chosen to reflect the values, beliefs, and aspirations of the parents. 'Maleko', with its meaning of 'defender' or 'protector', aligns with the importance placed on strength and bravery in Hawaiian society. It embodies the spirit of the Hawaiian people and their connection to the land and their heritage.