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Kosuke - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Kosuke
K-O-S-U-K-E, is a 6-letter male given name.
Pronunciation of Kosuke
KOH soo keh
Meaning of Kosuke
Rising sun.
Origin of Kosuke
The name 'Kosuke' has its origins in Japan. It is a masculine given name that is composed of two kanji characters. The first character, 'Ko', means 'happiness' or 'joy'. The second character, 'Suke', means 'help' or 'assistance'. When combined, the name 'Kosuke' can be interpreted as 'assistance in happiness' or 'bringing joy through help'.
English Names
Japanese Names
Popularity of Kosuke
The popularity of the name 'Kosuke' in Japan has been relatively consistent over the years. It is not one of the most common names, but it is also not rare. It is often chosen by parents who appreciate its positive and uplifting meaning.
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Etymology of Kosuke

The name 'Kosuke' is derived from the Japanese language and its kanji characters. The first character, 'Ko', is a common element in many Japanese names and carries the meaning of 'happiness' or 'joy'. The second character, 'Suke', is a less common element but is often used in names to signify 'help' or 'assistance'.

Cultural Significance of Kosuke

In Japanese culture, names hold great significance and are often chosen based on their meanings and associations. The name 'Kosuke' is seen as a name that brings joy and happiness, reflecting the parents' wishes for their child's life to be filled with positivity and fulfillment.

Moreover, the element of 'help' or 'assistance' in the name 'Kosuke' reflects the importance of community and support in Japanese society. It is believed that those who bear this name may have a natural inclination to offer help and bring joy to those around them.