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Kahaulani - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Kahaulani
K-A-H-A-U-L-A-N-I, is a 9-letter male given name.
Pronunciation of Kahaulani
KA haoo LA nee
Meaning of Kahaulani
The dew from heaven.
Origin of Kahaulani
The name 'Kahaulani' has its origins in the Hawaiian language. In Hawaiian, names often have deep connections to nature and carry significant meanings. 'Kaha' means 'the place' or 'the foundation', while 'ulani' means 'heavenly' or 'celestial'. When combined, the name 'Kahaulani' can be interpreted as 'the heavenly place' or 'the celestial foundation'.
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Popularity of Kahaulani
The popularity of the name 'Kahaulani' has remained relatively low throughout the years. It is considered a unique and uncommon name, often chosen by parents who appreciate its Hawaiian roots and the beautiful imagery it evokes. While it may not be widely used, it holds a special appeal to those seeking a distinctive and meaningful name for their child.
Kahaulani currently has 1 like, and is in the top 14% of liked boy's names. The name Adom is slightly more popular than Kahaulani.

Etymology of Kahaulani

The name 'Kahaulani' derives its meaning from the Hawaiian language. 'Kaha' refers to a place or a foundation, symbolizing stability and rootedness. 'Ulani' signifies something heavenly or celestial, representing a connection to the divine or the ethereal. Together, these elements create a name that conveys a sense of a heavenly foundation or a celestial place.

Cultural Significance of Kahaulani

In Hawaiian culture, names often reflect the deep connection between the people and their natural surroundings. The name 'Kahaulani' carries with it a sense of reverence for the beauty and spirituality of the Hawaiian islands. It can be seen as an homage to the celestial landscapes and the strong foundation provided by the land.

Moreover, the name 'Kahaulani' may also symbolize the importance of having a strong spiritual connection and a sense of place within the Hawaiian culture. It embodies the values of respect for nature, harmony with the environment, and a recognition of the divine presence in everyday life.