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Hobson - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Hobson
H-O-B-S-O-N, is a 6-letter male given name.
Pronunciation of Hobson
Meaning of Hobson
Robert's son, son of robert.
Origin of Hobson
The name 'Hobson' is a surname with English origins, and its earliest known use dates back to the 13th century. As a patronymic surname, 'Hobson' indicates that an individual is the son of someone named Hob or Robert. It is derived from the medieval given name Hob, which is a diminutive form of Robert. The name 'Hobson' has remained relatively consistent in its usage throughout history, with no notable spikes or trends in popularity.
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English Names
Popularity of Hobson
'Hobson' is not a particularly popular first name, but it is more commonly recognized as a surname. If you're considering using 'Hobson' as a first name, it would likely be unique and stand out in most English-speaking countries today. If it's a surname you're inquiring about, it's more familiar but still not exceedingly common.
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Etymology of Hobson

The etymology of the name 'Hobson' can be traced back to Old Germanic and Old English origins. The name Robert, from which 'Hobson' is derived, is composed of the elements 'hrod', meaning 'fame', and 'beraht', meaning 'bright'. Over time, the name Robert evolved into various forms and diminutives, including Hob.

Cultural Significance of Hobson

While the name 'Hobson' does not hold significant cultural associations, it is worth noting that patronymic surnames like 'Hobson' were prevalent in medieval England. These names were used to denote a person's lineage and were passed down from one generation to another. In this sense, the name 'Hobson' reflects the cultural practices of medieval England, where family lineage and heritage were highly valued.