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Gulbahar - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Gulbahar
G-U-L-B-A-H-A-R, is a 8-letter male given name.
Meaning of Gulbahar
Spring rose.
Origin of Gulbahar
The name 'Gulbahar' has its origins in the Persian language. In Persian, 'gul' means 'flower' and 'bahar' means 'spring'. When combined, the name 'Gulbahar' can be interpreted as 'flower of spring' or 'spring flower'.
Iranian Names
Popularity of Gulbahar
The popularity of the name 'Gulbahar' is relatively low, and it is not commonly used as a given name. It is more prevalent in Persian-speaking regions, where it holds cultural significance.
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Etymology of Gulbahar

The name 'Gulbahar' is a compound name in Persian, combining the words 'gul' and 'bahar'. 'Gul' refers to a flower, while 'bahar' signifies the season of spring. Together, the name symbolizes the blossoming beauty and freshness associated with spring flowers.

Cultural Significance of Gulbahar

In Persian culture, flowers hold great symbolism and are often associated with beauty, love, and renewal. The name 'Gulbahar' reflects these cultural values and is seen as a poetic expression of the vibrant and colorful season of spring.