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Gilles - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Gilles
G-I-L-L-E-S, is a 6-letter male given name.
Meaning of Gilles
Shield bearer, form of giles, shieldbearer, goatskin shield.
Origin of Gilles
The name 'Gilles' is a male name with origins in French and Germanic languages. It is derived from the Germanic name Gisel, which means 'pledge' or 'hostage'. In terms of its earliest known use, 'Gilles' can be traced back to medieval France, where it was a popular given name among the nobility and aristocracy.
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Popularity of Gilles
The popularity of the name 'Gilles' has varied over time. In medieval France, it was widely used among the upper classes, but its usage declined in the following centuries. In modern times, 'Gilles' has become less common, particularly in English-speaking countries. However, it still maintains a certain level of popularity in France and other French-speaking regions.
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Etymology of Gilles

The etymology of 'Gilles' can be traced back to the Germanic name Gisel, which is derived from the word 'gisil' meaning 'pledge' or 'hostage'. This name was often given to children who were born during a time of conflict or as a symbol of loyalty and trust. Over time, the name Gisel evolved into 'Gilles', and it took on a distinct French pronunciation and spelling.

Cultural Significance of Gilles

In French culture, the name 'Gilles' holds historical and cultural significance. It is associated with various figures from French history, such as 'Gilles' de Rais, a renowned knight and companion of Joan of Arc. However, it is important to note that 'Gilles' de Rais was later convicted of heinous crimes and is not an ideal figure to associate with the name.