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Gervasio - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Gervasio
G-E-R-V-A-S-I-O, is a 8-letter male given name.
Meaning of Gervasio
Honorable, spear hunter, spear servant.
Origin of Gervasio
The name 'Gervasio' has its origins in ancient Germanic languages. It is derived from the Germanic name Gervasius, which was composed of the elements 'ger' meaning 'spear' and 'vas' meaning 'to protect' or 'to guard'. The name 'Gervasio' was first recorded in the 6th century and has since been used in various forms across different cultures.
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Popularity of Gervasio
Throughout history, the popularity of the name 'Gervasio' has experienced fluctuations. In the Middle Ages, it gained some popularity in Europe, particularly in regions influenced by Germanic languages. However, it never reached the same level of popularity as other names of the time. In recent years, the name 'Gervasio' has become quite rare, with only a handful of individuals bearing this name.
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Etymology of Gervasio

The etymology of the name 'Gervasio' is rooted in the Germanic languages. The element 'ger' means 'spear', symbolizing strength and protection, while 'vas' conveys the idea of guarding or defending. The combination of these elements gives the name 'Gervasio' a powerful and noble connotation.

Cultural Significance of Gervasio

While the name 'Gervasio' does not have a specific cultural significance, it has been used by individuals of various backgrounds. In some Spanish-speaking countries, 'Gervasio' is associated with the Catholic saint 'Gervasio', who was a martyr in the 4th century. The name also has connections to Germanic and Italian cultures, where it has been used sporadically throughout history.