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Esmail - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Esmail
E-S-M-A-I-L, is a 6-letter male given name.
Pronunciation of Esmail
Meaning of Esmail
God will hear, god hears.
Origin of Esmail
The name 'Esmail' has its roots in the Middle East, particularly in the Persian language. It is derived from the Persian name Ismail, which itself has origins in the Hebrew name Yishmael. Yishmael is a biblical name, mentioned in the Old Testament as the son of Abraham and Hagar. The name 'Esmail' has a long and storied history, dating back to ancient times.
Arabic Names
Hebrew Names
Popularity of Esmail
The popularity of the name 'Esmail' has fluctuated over time. In the Middle East, where the name has its strongest cultural ties, it has maintained a steady level of popularity. However, in Western countries, the name 'Esmail' has not been as widely used. In recent years, there has been a slight increase in its usage, perhaps due to a growing appreciation for diverse and unique names.
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Etymology of Esmail

The etymology of the name 'Esmail' is rooted in the Persian language. The name is derived from the Persian word 'ism', which means 'name', and the suffix '-ail', which can be translated as 'like' or 'resembling'. Therefore, 'Esmail' can be interpreted as 'resembling a name' or 'name-like'. This linguistic analysis gives us insight into the significance of names in Persian culture and the importance placed on the act of naming.

Cultural Significance of Esmail

In Persian culture, names hold great significance and are often chosen with care and thoughtfulness. The name 'Esmail' carries with it a sense of honor and respect for tradition. It is often associated with qualities such as wisdom, strength, and integrity. In some Middle Eastern cultures, the name 'Esmail' is believed to bring good luck and protection to the bearer.