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Emeric - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Emeric
E-M-E-R-I-C, is a 6-letter male given name.
Pronunciation of Emeric
EM er ick
Meaning of Emeric
Work rule, leader, powerful ruler.
Origin of Emeric
The name 'Emeric' has its origins in Hungary. It is derived from the Hungarian name Imre, which itself comes from the Germanic name Emmerich. The earliest known use of the name can be traced back to the 11th century in Hungary. It was a popular name among Hungarian royalty and nobility, and it has since spread to other countries and cultures.
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Popularity of Emeric
The popularity of the name 'Emeric' has varied over time. In Hungary, it has remained a relatively common name, especially among the older generation. However, in other countries, it is less commonly used. In recent years, there has been a slight increase in the popularity of the name, with more parents choosing it for their children. This could be due to a growing interest in unique and uncommon names.
Emeric currently has 2 likes, and is in the top 10% of liked boy's names. The name Abayomi is slightly more popular than Emeric.

Etymology of Emeric

The etymology of the name 'Emeric' can be traced back to the Germanic name Emmerich. The name Emmerich is composed of two elements 'em' meaning 'whole' or 'universal' and 'ric' meaning 'ruler' or 'king'. Therefore, the name 'Emeric' can be interpreted to mean 'universal ruler' or 'universal king'. This meaning reflects the historical significance of the name among Hungarian royalty.

Cultural Significance of Emeric

The name 'Emeric' holds particular cultural significance in Hungary. It is associated with Saint 'Emeric', the son of King Saint Stephen I of Hungary. Saint 'Emeric' was known for his piety, virtue, and dedication to his faith. He is considered a patron saint of Hungary and is celebrated on November 5th each year. The name 'Emeric' is often chosen by parents in Hungary as a way to honor this revered saint.