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Eiran - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Eiran
E-I-R-A-N, is a 5-letter male given name.
Meaning of Eiran
Awake & vigilant, awake, vigilant.
Origin of Eiran
The name 'Eiran' has its roots in the Hebrew language. It is derived from the Hebrew word 'אֵירָן' ('Eiran'), which means 'awake' or 'vigilant'. The earliest known use of the name 'Eiran' can be traced back to ancient Hebrew texts and religious scriptures. It has been used as a given name for both boys and girls, reflecting its versatility and gender-neutral appeal.
Hebrew Names
Popularity of Eiran
While 'Eiran' may not be as commonly heard as some other names, it has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. Its usage has seen a notable spike, particularly in English-speaking countries. This rise in popularity can be attributed to the increasing trend of parents seeking unique and meaningful names for their children. 'Eiran's distinct sound and its connection to awakening and vigilance resonate with many parents who want to instill these qualities in their child.
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Etymology of Eiran

As mentioned earlier, the name 'Eiran' has its origins in Hebrew. The Hebrew language is rich in meaning and symbolism, and 'Eiran' is no exception. The word 'אֵירָן' ('Eiran') is derived from the Hebrew root word 'עֵיר' (eer), which means 'to awaken' or 'to be vigilant'. This etymology gives the name 'Eiran' a powerful and evocative meaning, symbolizing a sense of alertness, awareness, and readiness.

Cultural Significance of Eiran

In Hebrew culture, names hold great significance and are often chosen based on their meanings and connections to tradition. The name 'Eiran', with its connotations of wakefulness and vigilance, aligns with the values and beliefs of Hebrew culture. It reflects the importance of being attentive and aware of one's surroundings, both in a physical and spiritual sense.