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Edom - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Edom
E-D-O-M, is a 4-letter male given name.
Meaning of Edom
Red, red-haired, an ancient kingdom.
Origin of Edom
The name 'Edom' originates from the Hebrew language and holds deep roots in biblical history. In the Old Testament, 'Edom' refers to the land and people descended from Esau, the twin brother of Jacob. Esau, also known as 'Edom', was described as 'red' or 'ruddy' in appearance, which gave rise to the name. Thus, 'Edom' can be interpreted to mean 'red' or 'ruddy.'
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Popularity of Edom
Throughout history, the popularity of the name 'Edom' has fluctuated. In biblical times, it held great significance due to its association with the 'Edom'ites, a prominent group in the region. However, as time passed, the name gradually declined in usage. Today, it is considered quite rare and is not commonly given to children.
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Etymology of Edom

To truly understand the meaning behind a name, we must unravel its linguistic roots. The Hebrew origin of 'Edom' gives us insight into its etymology. The word 'edom' is derived from the Hebrew word 'adom', meaning 'red'. This connection to the color red reflects the physical appearance of Esau and his descendants.

Cultural Significance of Edom

The name 'Edom' carries cultural significance primarily within the context of biblical history. The 'Edom'ites were a neighboring nation to Israel, and their relationship was often tumultuous. The rivalry between the descendants of Esau and Jacob, later known as Israel, played a significant role in the narratives of the Old Testament. The name 'Edom' serves as a reminder of this historical context and the complex interactions between these ancient peoples.