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Danielius - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity

Spelling of Danielius
D-A-N-I-E-L-I-U-S, is a 9-letter male given name.
Meaning of Danielius
God is my judge.
Origin of Danielius
The name 'Danielius' is believed to have originated from Lithuania, a country in the Baltic region of Europe. It is a variant of the popular biblical name Daniel, which has Hebrew origins. In the Bible, Daniel was a prophet and a wise counselor to the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. The name 'Danielius' can be seen as a Lithuanian adaptation of this timeless biblical name.
Lithuanian Names
Popularity of Danielius
While the name 'Danielius' may not be as widely recognized as its counterpart Daniel, it holds a special place in Lithuanian culture. The popularity of the name 'Danielius' has remained relatively steady over time, with no significant spikes or declines in usage. It is a name that is cherished by many Lithuanian families, often passed down from generation to generation.
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Etymology of Danielius

The etymology of the name 'Danielius' can be traced back to its Hebrew roots. The name Daniel is derived from the Hebrew name Daniyyel, which means 'God is my judge'. This powerful meaning reflects the biblical significance of the name and the character of Daniel, who was known for his wisdom and righteousness.

Cultural Significance of Danielius

In Lithuanian culture, the name 'Danielius' carries a sense of strength, wisdom, and integrity. It is often associated with individuals who are seen as leaders and role models within their communities. The name 'Danielius' is also deeply rooted in religious traditions, as Lithuania has a strong Catholic heritage. Many families choose this name in the hopes that their child will embody the virtues and values associated with the biblical Daniel.